Learn Refinery Configuration to Improve Conversions and Margins

Understand the nuances of refinery configuration to enable better conversion and profitability  – whether you are a refiner, a refining consultant or someone working on refinery projects, this technology booster workshop will immensely benefit you.

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This workshop helps you to effectively tackle the challenges of lower conversion and reduced gross refinery margins by providing you insights into various technological options and trends in refinery configuration, and helps you understand available options and methodologies to make it future-ready, flexible refinery operating philosophy, and profit-oriented outlook in its day-to-day operations.

A technical booster workshop

Concept of Refinery Configuration
Forging Conversion and Profitability

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There are two batches planned for the same workshop, one during weekdays and the other during weekend, keeping in mind the busy schedule of professionals interested in enrolling. Please enroll as per your preference.

Weekend Batch

Day #1: May 29, 2021 from 2 PM to 5 PM
Day #2: May 30, 2021 from 2 PM to 5 PM

You will be immensely benefitted if you are a professional…

…working in a refinery (any role)

…working as a consultant to refineries

…working in EPCs on refinery projects, or…

…an M.Tech / Ph.D. student aspires to a career in refining

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We cover every aspect of refinery configuration

The major areas to be covered in this technology booster workshop are:

Typical refinery flowsheet

Categories of refining operations

Brief on primary, secondary and treatment processes and their importance, significance, and inter-functionality

Classification of Secondary Processes

Understanding major Conversion processes – FCC, HCU, DCU, DHDT, CRU, Residue Hydrocracker, Visbreaker, Solvent deasphalting, Coal gasification etc.

Concept of Refinery Configuration

Evolution of Indian Refinery Configuration, 70s and Now

Tougher Crude and Higher Quantity / Better Quality of Auto fuel – Contrasting Factors faced for deciding Refinery Configuration.

Concept of Topping, Hydro-skimming, Medium Conversion & High Conversion Refinery – Impact on operational flexibility and refinery economics

Residue Upgradation or Bottom of the Barrel Upgrade – main challenge to firm up refinery configuration

Latest technological trends for upgrading Refinery Configuration

Processing options, configuration screening, configuration analysis, sensitivity analysis, selection of final configuration

Crude Oil Selection for a refinery – Role of Refinery Configuration

Concept and Methodology to optimize crude mix based on existing refinery configuration and overall economics

One example of refinery configuration selection based on above concepts.

Software involved in refinery configuration selection and input data required for refinery configuration selection

About the faculty

Mr. C.K. Mukhopadhyay

Mr. C K Mukhopadhay is an expert in refining processes and technologies and is a renowned name in Indian refining circuits – after retiring from Indian Oil Corporation as a Chief Manager (Technical), he has been conducting workshops and training programs on refining processes and technologies such as Advanced Process Control (APCs) for various refineries, EPCs and petroleum institutes.


Mr. C K Mukhopadhyay has been conducting workshops and training programs with us on refining processes and technologies for various refineries, EPCs, and Oil & Gas related institutes. Very recently, refinery configuration training has been successfully conducted for a few Refineries and EPCs.

– A senior official of a firm organizing training programs

This workshop on refinery configuration has gained immense popularity among the practicing refiners.

The feedback given by the participants is excellent and they found the program interesting as well as informative. I have received request to organize it more often.

– A Senior Official (Training & Development) of a Refinery

The workshop has given excellent insights into refinery configuration and how various factors influence the conversion and profitability of a refinery.

An excellent workshop to attend for someone working in refineries or on refinery projects. I highly recommend.

– A participant from a well-known EPC


Better career growth prospects for budding executives and managers in refineries, petrochemicals and other major chemical industries.

Better insights leading to efficient design and wider consulting engagements for EPC professionals and consultants active in hydrocarbon segment.

Better understanding for practicing refiners to achieve higher conversion from low value heavy ends to high value distillates, the to boost margins.

Achieve the best of conversion and profitability by understanding the refinery configuration. Enroll in program today to get benefitted.