Meet your Talent Expectations through our pool of superior talent

With the changes in the employment environment, there is a growing need to adopt more effective ways for talent acquisition, talent engagement, and talent development across all organisational levels.
Identify, acquire, engage, and develop the best of professional talent.

Talent Identification and Acquisition

Identification of talent for today’s work dynamics is beyond just the qualification and technical skills, as it is proven that behavioral skills are the driving factor for career success. With our tools, methods, and experts, supported by our EDGE philosophy, we help you identify and acquire the right and superior early-stage talent with a combination of the right functional and behavioral competencies.

Moreover, every profile comes with a detailed talent metric to help in development planning for the individual pre or post-hiring, and also help in effective employee engagement once hired. That means the right people in right place for you, all the time!


Workforce Competency Management

Effective employee engagement is achieved when the employees are encouraged, motivated, and empowered to understand and achieve their potential, right from hiring the new ones to the existing employees at every level, and from collaboration in teams to the leadership. Since the driving force for this is a combination of many factors and competencies, gaining insights into competencies helps the employer immensely in understanding their impact on overall employee engagement and satisfaction, and also to drive effective employee development and engagement programs.


Why Us?

A proven team of domain experts and expert coaches

Scientifically proven behavioral competency tools for the entire spectrum of workforce

You get holistic insights into individual competencies


Access to superior early-stage talent (from our pool of talent).

The Industry-ready talent out of campuses for better productivity from day one.

Reduction in the hiring cycle and cost for both new hires and replacements.

Improved engagement and productivity of the workforce.

Hire & develop the right people in the right place

Develop the competencies of your workforce through our proprietory ProPLETM program