Highly specialized training in core engineering

We provide corporate training programs in the core engineering disciplines as per the specific requirements of the industry. These programs are designed and delivered effectively by our experts to meet the specific up-skilling requirements of organizations by providing a rich knowledge sharing experience.  thereby creating greater value for them.

Our courses are professionally engaging and customized as per the requirements of customer organization. This gives an edge in the learning and skill development of employees, leading to increased productivity.

Themes of our training programs

Our training programs broadly can cover any of the following domains

Energy Industry – Hydrocarbon (Oil & Gas), Power Generation

Chemical Process Industry – Technology and Operations

Overview of Information Technology and Industrial Automation

Tools and technologies for enhancing Operational Efficiency

Functional training – Operational and Business functions for specific industries.

Soft skills – assessment of competencies and programs to bridge the gap.

Our Curated Programs

Topics Detailed Note
Atmospheric corrosion of industry installations Methods of Onsite assessment of impact of atmosphere and interpretation for corrosion damages of external surfaces of installations/equipment’s and corrosion prevention and control techniques
Internal corrosion damage mechanism Internal corrosion damage mechanisms and suitable remedial measures:
Premature Failure Analysis Corrosion failure analysis for industry equipment’s and installations
Corrosion detection and monitoring techniques for Industry Pigging, chemical analysis of corrosion products, Monitoring techniques, interpretation, recommendations on corrosion control, assessment of the management of corrosion control techniques
Hydro processing technologies Overview of various hydro-processing technologies, catalysts, and operational challenges.
Refinery Blending Overview Why blending, its significance in context to EURO VI, configuration, typical components, and examples
Advanced Process Control An Overview of Advance process control history, concepts and terms, typical configuration, and examples
Refinery Process Courses Design, operational oriented training and workshop on various refinery processes, unit operations including bottom of the barrel upgradation

Why Us?

Our training programs are developed keeping in mind the current technical advancements and the corresponding challenges faced by organizations to upskill the workforce.


Programs curated and delivered by highly experienced domain experts

Customization as per the organizational needs

Blend of recent technologies with proven concepts

Upgrade the skills of your workforce through our specialized functional programs.