Make competencies visible, improve success factors

With the changing technological advancements, organizations have also been changing the way they operate and what they expect from the workforce. The success of any organization is driven by the capabilities of its workforce and the measurement of the capabilities is done by defining a competency framework and mapping key competencies with each job role.

Social or behavioral competencies are key to career success

Competency profiling

Understanding the potential of employees and helping them fulfill it boosts their productivity multifold. Sometimes this potential, which is inherent in the employees, can be hidden because of various factors such as stress, uncertainty, failure, or problems in the environment. Recognizing the potential, reactivating it, and making it accessible is invaluable for any organization as it boosts employee engagement and productivity multifold.

Competencies play a vital role in every sphere of professional development. With our partner DNLA, our ProPLE program, methodologies, and experts, we help you understand the scientifically proven competencies or career success factors of your workforce, help you identify the areas of further development, and help fill the gap through our competency programs. This understanding of competencies can be augmented with the appropriate competency development programs.

Our competency programs can be customized as per the needs of any organization.


DNLA Systems

Our competency programs can be customized as per the needs of any organization.

DNLA® Expert HR systems help you understand the key competencies in the following application areas.

Recruitment and Selection

Leadership planning and development

Analysis of employee potential

Increase in sales performance

Team Development

Managerial Stress Management

ProPLE Program

The program targets positive, tangible enhancementof these competencies for budding and middle management professionals through a scientifically developed ADD methodology, in which the students are assessed for their current proficiency level across a set of pre-determined competencies through our proprietary observational tool ProPLE where students spend a day solving problems as a corporate professional under a given organizational context and a simulated environment. Following that, there is a structured learning process to take the participants through a journey of enhancing the identified competencies, while working with our program coaches.


Competency Development

We believe that the best way to develop behavioral competencies should be tied with the required functional areas and job roles. Hence, we develop competencies based on our understanding of the current level of competencies and in an environment simulated for industry roles and responsibilities with a lot of emphasis on real-world cases. They are prepared for different functions related to operations, customer relations, sales, dealing with subordinates or workers, etc. that can be taken up in the actual industry scenarios. Our ProPLETM program focuses on enhancing the key success factors and behaviors for donning these roles in an organization. The development of competencies is directly tied up with the overall skill development as every skill has many underlying competencies.


These competency development programs are themed around the functions given below:

Sales and business development functions

Technical/Operational role-based functions.

Managerial or Leadership competencies

Support Functions.



Get employees in top mental state.

Develop top leaders and salespeople.

Drive better employees engagement.

Improve productivity of employees across organizations.

Tools and Platforms

Develop the competencies of your workforce through our proprietory ProPLE program.