People Create Value

  • Think about it: What or Who is the source of good products and innovations?
  • What can a perfect strategy achieve – if it is not put into practice?
  • What can planning and organizational change achieve if employees oppose it?
  • How much of the effect of marketing and advertising will be lost, if the “face to the customer”- contact is a disappointing experience?

There is potential in everyone

  • With DNLA, we help to identify potential.
  • We create self awareness and  encourage dialogue.
  • We have a deep respect for a human being.
  • We want to create value: For both, organizations and Individuals.

Bringing the right people to the right place with the right mindset

This may sound trivial – but it is an enormous task, and an ongoing challenge. If you succeed – the company will be a model organization for others in the industry. Employees and managers alike will be able to put all their potential to work, and turn it into performance. People will be happy, motivated, willing and able to do a brilliant job. This will reflect in the organization’s well-being and economic perspective.

TALEDGE – DNLA Partnership

Driven by the similar philosophies targeted towards identifying and unleashing true potential of individuals and to help them utilize it in the work environment, Taledge is proud to partner with DNLA. With this partnership, that brings a lot of synergies, taledge is committed to provide you with precise, research and benchmark backed and with effective development programs not only for individuals or executives, but for the entire workforce. With this partnership, we wish to propagate the advantages of a combination approach of talent identification, based on DNLA, which is a science based tool, and taledge profiling, which is based on expert-centric assessments.


Identify and Hire the best of early stage talent with us.