DNLA Social Competences

Allows you to assess the current level of the 17 soft skill key factors of success! In benchmarking with the best, against a large pool of benchmarking data, we can give a detailed, science-based picture of where a person stands at the moment. This “map”, combined with individual feedback in a personal debriefing, and with various suggestions for support and for personal improvement which the DNLA HR expert system offers, will help each individual, team and organisation to grow and to achieve their goals! Discover and develop your full potential and your (natural latent) abilities, with DNLA SC!

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DNLA SC-Screening

The “quick check” of Social Competence! Only takes a few minutes and allows you to make an educated guess or classification for a larger group of people. So you can, for example, identify the most interesting candidates out of a large group of applicants, high potentials in an organisation, or those who most likely and most urgently need your support – with DNLA Screening!

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DNLA Sales Potential

DNLA SP gives you a detailed analysis of your employees and applicants when it comes to the personal qualities that make a great salesperson! Assessment and development of potential and performance in six typical stages of the sales process with DNLA SP!

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DNLA Management and Leadership

DNLA Management and Leadership tools shows you where you stand against the top-executives in your position in 25 key factors, in the areas of “leadership”, “cooperation and consensus” and “entrepreneurship”. Leadership development and benchmarking with the best on an international level, with DNLA MM!

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Managerial Stress Survey

We´re all facing stress and challenges of one kind or another in our jobs. How can we learn to cope with stress and with its negative effects? DNLA MSS gives you a detailed analysis for all kinds of job-related stress-inducing factors and of their effects on you and on your work and life. Individual support, occupational health management and stress-prevention with DNLA MSS!

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